SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) is a revolutionary and cutting-edge technique in myopia and myopic astigmatism correction, based only on the femtosecond laser usage and, therefore, excluding excimer laser use and consequent limitations linked to its heating effect on tissues.

The innovation of the all-femto procedure, in which only one kind of laser is used, is based on its performance speed (the procedure is performed in just one step and the duration is regardless of the refractive error to correct), without using microkeratomes and corneal flaps (flapless).
The visual impairments correction procedure consists in the removal, with third-generation femtosecond laser (Visumax Zeiss), of a tissue disc called lenticule, of the appropriate thickness, diameter and geometric characteristics to correct the
myopic or astigmatic defect of the patient. After front and back dissection of the refractive lens face, the femtosecond laser performs a pinhole, a superficial incision from 2 to 4 mm through which the surgeon extracts the lenticule in just one move.

Performing one singular little incision in superficial cornea implies an 80% saving of the tissue normally carved for the creation of the corneal flap and enables to save the majority of corneal nerve fibres which are responsible to maintain proper production of tears.

Saving 80% of the nerve fibres equals to eliminating the risk of emergence of dry eye that often occurs in patients subjected to traditional surgery. Minimizing the corneal incision extensions means, besides reducing to the minimum possibility of epithelial cells migration inside the incisions, avoiding the dangerous risk of “epithelial ingrowth” that, even if it is rare, represents a cause of failure of the surgery.
Corneal epithelium, carved for one small stretch, heals quickly in 2-3 hours, without any annoying symptoms, normally combined with traditional techniques. Another extremely important advantage of the Smile technique is that, in avoiding the flap cut, the corneal bio-mechanic steadiness is preserved avoiding risks of ectasia and exhaustion of the tissue, preserving the almost overall cornea undamaged.
SMILE technique is excellent for athletes, because it drastically reduces downtime of the workouts.

What are the advantages of ReLex SMILE technique?

  • FASTER than Femtolasik because it uses just one laser;
  • LESS DEBILITATING for the cornea than Femtolasik
  • FASTER VISUAL RECOVERY than PRK, within the first 24 hours
  • NO CONTRAINDICATION unlike Femtolasik in subjects with poor lachrymal secretions.

Am I eligible for the ReLex SMILE technique?

The SMILE procedure is indicated for myopia treatment until -10.00 dioptres and myopic astigmatism for not more than -5.00 dioptres. At the moment also the SMILE technique for hyperopia corrections is under approval. The ophthalmologist expert in refractive surgery must approve the suitability for the operation after accurate eye examinations.

Vista Vision Italia clinics, with cutting-edge laser techniques, make use of VISUMAX Zeiss Femtolaser exclusively in the only Vista Vision Clinic in Milan, Verona and Messina for the revolutionary Relex SMILE surgery technique.