Refractive surgery offers an alternative to wearing glasses and contact lenses, as it corrects the image focus problems on the retina by acting on the cornea or the crystalline lens, thus correcting the optical features of the eye.

Today refractive surgery is the most accurate and safe method to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism (known as refractive errors), but it does not change the eye structure, which maintains its own characteristics and parameters.
In the last few years several surgery and para-surgery techniques have been designed and used for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism correction with significant effectiveness and safety.

The most suitable technique will be chosen by the ophthalmologist who, after an extensive ophthalmologic examination and diagnostic tests, will be able to determine the best customized surgery for the patient’s needs.

In Italy, Vista Vision clinics boast diagnostic and therapeutic cutting-edge technology and the best technicians and specialized ophthalmologists in refractive surgery.

In order to guarantee excellent service and to provide the patient with solutions complying with high safety standards, Vista Vision clinics have chosen to stop using the microkeratome blade (blade scalpel), typical of the traditional Lasik surgery technique, to adopt Femtolaser and FEMTOLASIK technique for the correction of vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.
Femtolaser is a revolutionary laser, as it operates the cornea from the inside with the utmost safety and precision, safely creating micro-incisions of the appropriate depth, reducing the surgical risks and monitoring all parameters in a more accurate and safe way.

Vista Vision clinics, with their cutting-edge laser technology, also perform exclusively in the only clinic in Milan the revolutionary SMILE technique, which allows for the “Flapless” procedure, without the need of a corneal flap cut, thus respecting the corneal nerves and eliminating the complications of the traditional procedures.

SMILE technique allows to correct myopia until 10 dioptres in few minutes.