Most people who think to undergo laser eye surgery often do not know that it has been performed for many years with excellent results. Vista Vision clear your doubts and fears about laser surgery, answers your questions and provides you with the tools for a conscious and serene choice.

What is the minimum age to undergo laser surgery and what vision problems can be corrected?
To undergo laser surgery you must be 18 years old and your visual impairment, such as myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia, must have been stable for 2 years. Laser surgery can correct the following vision problems: Myopia – up to 10 dioptres Hyperopia – up to 4 dioptres Astigmatism – up to 5 dioptres Presbyopia associated with hyperopia only for those patients of at least 47 years and with the following characteristics: Hyperopia between +1 D and +3 D Presbyopia >= 1.75 D Astigmatism <= 2D.

Can anyone undergo refractive surgery?
85% of those who use eyeglasses or hard contact lenses are eligible as well as 95% of those who use soft contact lenses; however the eligibility is based on 7 diagnostic screening tests that determine whether or not a patient can undergo surgery. Laser surgery cannot be performed if you are suffering from glaucoma, diabetes or autoimmune diseases. The surgery is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is the surgery painful?
The surgery is not painful and it is performed under local anaesthesia by using mild anaesthetic eye drops. Most patients do not feel any pain at all. Just a few feel a light pressure on the eye for about 15 seconds that can be well tolerated. The procedure is extremely rapid and usually takes less than 5 minutes per eye.

What are the possible complications?
As for any surgical operation, there are potential risks or side effects that you should be aware of before choosing whether to undergo this surgery. The most common problems, such as dry eyes, halos, or correction improvements can be easily solved with medical treatment or another surgery. Vista Vision clinics apply a strict screening protocol to evaluate if the patient is eligible for the surgery, even when the operation is recommended by the patient’s consulting surgeon, in order to avoid the risk of complications.

What if I am afraid of an unsatisfactory or negative result?
Studies show that most patients achieve a 10/10 result after laser surgery and almost all patients stop wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses. Carefully selecting the best clinic prevents problems from arising. Vista Vision clinics boast extensive experience and expertise, latest-generation laser technologies, one of the best medical and technical staff in Italy and they can avoid, or solve, any problems that may occur.

What is the best technique to correct my vision problem?
Vista Vision clinics are equipped with cutting-edge and latest-generation laser technologies for the correction of vision problems. We select the most appropriate technique depending on the visual impairment and the characteristics of the eye to be operated to ensure a customized solution to your vision problem.

How long do I have to stay in the hospital after surgery? When can I resume my daily activities?
The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, the patient comes to the clinic and can go home right after surgery, in the same day. Resuming the everyday activities depends on the type of technique used and a subjective factor. With LASIK, recovery time usually takes one or two days. With PRK technique, patients can resume their normal daily activities after about ten days. After surgery, you must not rub your eyes, put make-up on or wash with running water for about ten days, and avoid team sports for about 3 months. SMILE technique is definitely the best technique for athletes because the cornea remains almost untouched and there is NO need to interrupt training or sport at competitive level.