Femtosecond laser is the latest and most advanced laser technology used in eye microsurgery. The extraordinary results achieved were possible thanks to the innovative features of this technology which, unlike the traditional one, does not use the scalpel, thus causing a minor trauma for the eye tissues and ensuring a faster healing.

The action of femtosecond laser on tissues, called “photodisruption“, rapidly generates thousands of impulses close to each other, producing incisions with an extremely precise geometry.

Within the tissues, laser causes a micro-explosion that forms small air bubbles acting like a blade. A sophisticated computerized technology is able to adjust the technique to each individual case with extreme accuracy and safety.
Femtosecond laser makes the surgery easier and safer, acting in various steps of the operation: it performs the corneal incision while also monitoring its extension and depth, then cuts the front capsule (capsulotomy) to reach the central hard part of the cataract (nucleus). The last step entails the fragmentation and aspiration of the cataract.

Laser fragmentation is particularly advantageous for hard cataracts, in which the crystalline emulsification by ultrasound may present more risks of injury to nearby areas. After laser surgery, the surgeon removes the fragmented parts and implants an artificial crystalline lens.

Femtosecond Laser allows for an accuracy impossible to reach with human hands. The circular opening of the capsule, for instance, is perfectly round and centred, a crucial factor in the post-surgery phase, because it allows the surgeon to better centre the artificial crystalline lens. In this way the surgical operation is far more precision compared to the results achieved with the previous techniques.

Moreover, the eye operated with the laser has the perfect requirements for receiving a complex artificial crystalline lens, suitable for correcting visual disorders such as astigmatism and presbyopia.

Laser procedure is completely painless and is performed in less than 2 minutes. What is more, the post-surgery phase does not include bandage or suturing stitches.

Femtosecond laser surgery does not trivialize the importance of this type of surgery. The pre-surgery selection of the patient through accurate diagnostic procedures is crucial, as well as the expertise and experience of the eye surgeon, who must be specialized in this
kind of surgery. The equipment costs, the training and the surgeons’ high level of specialization restrict the use of femtosecond laser to very few private centres in Italy. Vista Vision clinics, at the forefront of technological innovation, are equipped with the
latest-generation FEMTO LDV Z8 and BAUSCH&LOMB VICTUS femtosecond laser for the treatment of cataracts, as well as a wide range of customized artificial crystalline lenses able to correct visual disorders, in line with the cooperation agreements concluded with the main multinationals companies of the field (Alcon, Amo, Bausch&Lomb, Zeiss).

A medical team composed of the best Italian eye surgeons and laser technicians guarantees optimal patient management, reducing the risks of complications and ensuring visual recovery.