Femtolasik is an innovative laser technique which is effective, precise, safe and painless. It uses two laser technologies (Femtosecond Laser and Excimer Laser) and a fully computerised and customised procedure, which improves the precision of the execution and, therefore, the quality of the visual result.
Femtolasik technique is used for the correction of myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia, by remodelling the corneal surface. It entails the creation of a corneal flap cut with an innovative Femtosecond laser to avoid using the scalpel. The cut flap allows the surgeon to enter the innermost part of the cornea, in order to correct the vision problem thanks to the excimer laser, and the flap will be subsequently replaced.

​What are the advantages of Femtolasik technique?

  • The procedure lasts a few seconds
  • Visual recovery is obtained in a few hours Long-lasting correction of vision problems such as myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia
  • Painless procedure
  • No bandages needed
  • No needles, blades or scalpels of any kind needed
  • Wide range of application: it is recommended also in case of significant vision problems like high myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or very low corneal thickness
  • It is more delicate on the corneal tissue, since it prevents the temporary inflammatory reactions of the eye
  • Less side effects: moderate and brief postoperative ocular burn

What to do before Femtolasik surgery

  • Suspend the use of contact lenses for 4 weeks before the operation
  • Do not put make-up in the area around the eyes for 3 days
  • Come without any kind of make-up, cream or perfume
  • Use the eye drops prescribed by the ophthalmologist
  • Come with a helper or a relative because you will not be able to drive any kind of vehicle

What to do after Femtolasik surgery

  • Rest or sleep for at least 3-4 hours, so that every feeble burn will be gone when you wake up
  • Use the eye drops prescribed by the ophthalmologist
  • Do not rub the eyes for the first 10 days and at night apply the protective shields provided by the ophthalmologist
  • During the first 10 days after the operation, avoid the beach, swimming pool, high mountains, and dusty, smoky environments, or where volatile, irritating substances are used.
  • Go for eye examinations the day after surgery, 15 days after and 6 months after
  • Avoid sports and activities that can cause traumas and physical collision for the first month after surgery

How much time does it take to return to everyday life after the operation with Femtolasik technique?
The patient, according to the specific case, is on average able to see perfectly from the day
after surgery.

Am I eligible for Femtolasik?
The operation with Femtolasik technique is one of the least risky operations compared to others that can be performed on the human body. It is important, however, to do an eye examination and specific diagnostic tests indicated by the ophthalmologist, in order to make sure that the patient is eligible for this kind of operation.

Preconditions for the FEMTOLASIK

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Sufficient corneal thickness
  • Steady vision problem for at least one year
  • Adequate pupil width
  • Good general and ocular health

FEMTOLASIK is contraindicated in case of corneal pathologies (keratoconus, corneal degenerations); eye pathologies like glaucoma, cataract, proliferative diabetic retinopathy; corneal thickness less than 480 microns; dry eyes; unstable visual acuity, refractive error still in evolution; very dilated pupils; pregnancy; and breastfeeding.

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